ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Former UNM Football great and NFL safety, Glover Quin was at Saturday’s UNM Football Game. Quin says that he has payed more attention to this team the last couple of years.

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“You know what, I have actually been following them a lot more when they got the coaching staff back right. Coach Gonzales came back and Coach Long and Coach Reffett, the guys that were here when I was here and then this year they signed my nephew. So, I have really been keeping up with them now, so I am excited to be back man, have fun watching these guys. they are playing great tonight”, said Glover Quinn.

Quinn was on the sidelines during UNM’s 41-0 victory over Maine, and he always had his camera on him. Quinn has become very interested in photography and even took pictures at the Detroit Lions training camp this year. “Its been fun for me to step back and being on camera for a large portion of my life, playing sports, so to kind of come behind the scenes and be the guy that’s taking pictures, its cool for me and its kind of fun. Its a challenge, its an adrenaline rush, because you want to get the shot”, said Quin.