ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The 2019 Cleveland Storm football team won the 6A State Title after a victory over Rio Rancho. That team was definitely a special one, and the bond that they formed that year continues to show today, as the former teammates still meet up to train with each other in the offseason.

“It’s great you know, just.. it’s a brotherhood we built over there. You know, that’s what we focus on every day and we went through a lot together. Injuries. So it’s just brought us all closer,” said Dorian Lewis. “It shows still to this day; we still hang out and I think the biggest part about that is that we were all like-minded, we all had similar goals and wanted to get to similar places. So, I think that carried us a long way,” said Tre Watson.

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Tre Watson, Dorian Lewis, and Luke Wysong all meet up in Albuquerque to train in the offseason. All are playing college football and after a solid season at Fresno State, Tre Watson feels even more confident coming in this year as tight end for the Bulldogs. “Going into my sophomore year, I am trying to produce more for the offense, you know expand my role, but I do think that I have gotten stronger and faster. I do think I found myself a little bit on the football field. [I] really found myself as a tight end, and I have really grown into the role. So, I think I am going to flourish in that position and I am confident playing it,” said Tre Watson.

Watson will line up against Luke Wysong on October 22 in Albuquerque when the Lobos host Fresno State.