ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Duke City Gladiators are on to the 2nd round of the IFL Playoffs. DC won their first-round game in dramatic fashion on Saturday, after the team ran a trick play where WR Dello Davis threw a touchdown pass to Jared Elmore. That clutch touchdown tied the game at 33 with Iowa, and after a 33-yard PAT the Gladiators won the game 34-33.

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Dello Davis spoke to KRQE Sports on Sunday and gave his reaction to the win and that trick play at the end of the game. “We worked for like 6-7-8 weeks and it didn’t go like that. It was a long-distance play where I run a jet sweep and I throw like a 30 or 40-yard bomb and so for it to turn into a goal-line play we never practiced that in practice and I was like, man it just might work. So, let’s run it, and when I threw that ball, I just had Nate in my ear telling me don’t throw it hard Dello, don’t try to drill it, and I just let my arm do the work and I’m happy it got there,” said Dello Davis.

Davis also believes that this team has even more fire under them as they head into the 2nd round of the playoffs. DC will play top seed Arizona next weekend on the road.