ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The University of New Mexico Football team is currently in fall camp and coming into this season, Head Coach Danny Gonzales wanted to make it a point to beef up his offensive line. The O-line is looking stronger coming into this season, as for the first time in the Gonzales coaching era UNM has 19 offensive lineman on their roster in fall camp.

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Collin James is one of the new O-lineman that came into this program in the off-season, and coming from Abilene Christian James is excited to represent the Lobos. Prior to Abilene Christian James was a junior college guy, and most of the new players on this UNM O-line are JUCO guys. James feels like this group is close and hungry coming into the 2022 season.

“In other units that I have been on we are more unified. The guys like, we are all closer than a lot of teams that I have been on and I think that is a great advantage”, said Collin James. “I know in the past, going JUCO its like you have nothing to lose pretty much and now you can bring that same mentality to a bigger level and have the same domination and like, we just want it more than other players, you know what I mean. We killers man, we ready, everybody out there just know we are coming”, said James.

UNM will be back in fall camp action on Monday, their first game of the year will be in Albuquerque on September 3rd against Maine.