ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) — If you get a chance to make it out to Rio Grande Credit Union field at Isotopes Park, you will likely hear players yelling “Bae Hee”. Its a rallying cry for the Isotopes, and its a saying that was started by Jonathan Morales and Yonathan Daza. “Its been a saying for the team for pretty much the whole year and they just abbreviated base hit to bae hee”, said Isotopes Infielder Aaron Schunk.

This saying is now chanted to almost every Isotope that enters the batters box. It became so popular and loved by the team that they decided to make the saying into a warm up shirt. “I got with my old assistant coach, who did all of our gear in high school, and I hit him up and I was like can you design a shirt for us”, said Schunk. “You know, they asked me and I said as long as they got the logo and the number on the back, I am okay with it. As long as its not profanity”, said Isotopes Manager Pedro Lopez.

Something that seems insignificant has become much more, as these shirts have strengthened this teams bond. “We just kind of latched onto it and I think its kind of helped our offense. You know, its kind of a positive thing. So, we are always repeating it and I think it helps with our mentality”, said Isotopes outfielder Jimmy Herron.

The team started wearing the shirts in the 2nd half of the season, and as of now the Isotopes rank 2nd in runs in the Pacific Coast League, 3rd in hits (299), OBP (.372) and OPS (.827). They have also scored in double-digits six times, including games where they have scored 20 and 19 runs, the second and third-most scored this year.

The team already has a #BaeHee on Twitter and Pedro Lopez thinks the PCL might have a new nickname. “This is a bae hee team and its a bae hee league. Its not the PCL anymore its the bae hee league”, said Lopez. “A lot of people hear a lot of scary things about triple-a being a level where there is not a lot of fun and you know, we have found a way to make it a pretty sweet group”, said Aaron Schunk.