ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Former UNM Men’s Basketball Assistant Coach Brandon Mason is now taking his knowledge of the game and applying it to the youth of New Mexico. Mason has started the Albuquerque Basketball Club (ABC). The club is a basketball program that takes its teams to some of the nation’s toughest tournaments. Mason hopes to coach up a lot of local talent but mainly looks to get these players exposure from some of the best college programs in the country.

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“Just taking these trips and playing against the number one team in the country, playing against the number seven team in the country. Win or lose the opportunity of competing at a higher level and also sitting in front of a Washington State, St. Johns, Mizzou, like all these high-level schools PAC 12, Mountain West. It’s just good to see something come out of it. So, that’s a good thing for our New Mexico kids,” said Mason.

Two players at ABC currently have Division I offers, and Mason hopes to see even more kids get college offers by the end of this season. Now, players aren’t able to play at their high school while competing with ABC but for players like Marcus Wilson, playing for the club gives him the best opportunity to succeed.

“You are surrounding yourself with a group of guys that have the drive, that have the passion for the sport. Like, some schools the kids don’t have the drive and over here we start something we are going to finish it. So, that’s what I like about this group of guys is that when we start something we are going to finish it and they are all in it,” said Wilson.

Wilson has already received multiple D-I offers including one from Washington State, and he along with this team is focused on getting exposure. This team will be playing in Las Vegas, Nevada, this week at the Tark Classic, which will house 300 teams from across the country.

“It’s huge, it’s new to New Mexico. It’s really big though like everywhere we go it’s those teams and people recognize and know who these guys are. This is a big step, and I know it’s new, so that’s the scary part I would say but the kids that want this opportunity we are here to give it to them,” said ABC Head Coach Michael Nanez.

This team will play four games in Las Vegas, starting on Wednesday and finishing up on Saturday.