ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The Albuquerque Basketball Club (ABC) hosted their 2nd annual ABC Prep Preview Tip Off event on Saturday night. The team showcased multiple games at their ABC Prep Facility, along with a 3-point contest and a dunk contest.

Last month, ABC was approved by the NCAA as an academic online academy, which means they are now an affiliate of Premier Prep Online Academy. Since then, ABC has gotten even more talent in their program, added players from across the globe and a lot of size.

“The last 2 years we have only had one player from out of state, this year we are up around 11 or 12. We have kids from Australia, France, Chicago, from all over. So, we have some different kind of size, we are 6’8, 6’9, 6’11 at multiple positions, we have a 6″8 point guard. We have athleticism that is off the charts, one kid from New Mexico and another from Memphis that has a 45-47 inch vertical”, said ABC Prep Founder, Brandon Mason.

Mason is proud that players want to come to New Mexico and play basketball, Mason says it proves that New Mexico is a basketball state. Mason is most proud about giving these players a solid education and foundation to play at the next level. This past season ABC had 15 players move on to play college ball with 14 of those players being New Mexico kids.

“We definitely have to pay tribute to the guys that started the program, you know the Marcus Wilson, Dylan Chavez, all those guys. You know, for people to see outside looking in and saying we are having progress and we are putting kids in college, people want to come here and be a part of that. Hopefully we can just keep continuing to grow and continuing to put kids in college and provide opportunities”, said Brandon Mason.

ABC will bow start their very busy schedule, as they head to Arizona on the 30th, playing in the Grind Session. KRQE Sports will keep you updated on ABC Prep.