ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Albuquerque Basketball Club (ABC) Prep has been approved by the NCAA as an academic online academy. ABC has is now an affiliate of Premier Prep Online Academy, which houses other prep schools. ABC student athletes will receive their schooling at the ABC facility. Former Lobo basketball player Chris Perez will serve as academic advisor. He has experience as an educator, athletic director and college basketball coach.

ABC Prep said it will have everything student athletes need to be successful. They will have teachers online, a principal and a guidance counselor. “It opens up a lot more opportunity for the kids,” said ABC Prep founder Brandon Mason. “During the year we would have to play another NCAA certified school so that college coaches could come to our games. So, now we can play anybody because we meet the criteria.”

ABC Prep has helped multiple student athletes land Division 1 college basketball offers and beyond. Former Lobo basketball players Dairese Gary and Darren Prentice are some of the coaches that have joined the staff.