ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) — When it comes to playing football, Jerrick Reed II stays motivated, always ready to show he belongs. The Seattle Seahawks’ 6th-round pick got his first taste of NFL rookie minicamp this past weekend.

The former University of New Mexico safety came in like he did at New Mexico with a chip on his shoulder. Prior to the NFL draft, the 5’10” and 295-pound Reed II heard plenty of talk about his size and what he may or may not be able to do in the NFL.

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“Coach Carroll said it himself. The type of players he looks for is guys who got a chip on their shoulder, something to prove, you know. You read the reports they say, ‘I’m a sleeper guy,'” said Reed II. “They say he’s too small. They say he’s not fast enough. All those things that reporters, experts, quote unquote say, and it’s just like, you know who you are. You know the work you put in. You know what you’re capable of and the route I took built me for where I’m at right now.”

Reed II brought his sense of humor to camp with him. He was asked what he thought of GM John Schneider describing him as an angry elf.

“You know, if John would have said that to me, we would have had a problem,” joked Reed II. “No, I’m playing. He came to me, and he just showed his excitement and thrill to have me on his team. In some reports, he said that I was one of their favorite picks. So, it means a lot coming from the GM of this team.”