(KRQE) — Minor league baseball teams often come up with alternate identities they sport throughout the season. The Isotopes will even go by the “Mariachis de Nuevo Mexico” for a few games a year, but a team in Amarillo has come up with a rather unusual one.

The Sod Poodles will rebrand themselves as the Amarillo “Calf Fries” for six games this year.

The logo features a young bovine sitting on a skillet while it’s being cooked. Fans can buy Calf Fries t-shirts and hats online.

The team said its Sod Poodles’ Moniker is a popular one around Minor League Baseball, but they wanted something exciting and unforgettable. The name “Calf Fries” touched all those goals.

The team will even serve calf fries during those promotional games.