ALBUQUERQUE N.M. (KRQE) — Tainui Taiaroa is going to play basketball at the Division I level, as he signed his letter of intent on Sunday at the Albuquerque Basketball Club. Taiaroa will take his talents to Southern Utah, and he says that the program is a great fit.

Taiaroa also said that this commitment would not have been possible without the help from Brandon Mason and ABC. “Without B-Mase, I probably would have not got the offers that I got, because I got to play on the grind session, I got to get seen. I didn’t really get seen at my high school, like you don’t just play in New Mexico. You travel, you get to see other teams from other cities,” said Tainui Taiaroa.

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Taiaroa is now the 4th ABC athlete this year to get an opportunity to play DI basketball. In just this prep season, ABC has also seen a total of 14 players get the opportunity to play college basketball next year.

“A kid like Ti who played at Mayfield, you know, came here and got an extra opportunity and then capitalized on it to be able to go Division I is fantastic. We are getting better every year, just trying to help kids as best as we can, and it’s just been a blessing to be able to put these kids in certain situations and then they are performing and getting the opportunities,” said ABC President Brandon Mason.