DENVER (KDVR) — The search for a new head coach for Broncos is underway. The team announced the firing of Vic Fangio Sunday morning.

For many Broncos fans, firing Coach Fangio is not a surprise; to some, it’s even a relief. 

A lot of questions still remain over the coaching staff ownership and starting quarterback, but a big topic of conversation from the Broncos front office is from a business perspective: How do they get fans to keep coming to games and decrease the amount of “no-shows” at games? 

The team had an average of 10,000 no-shows each game this season, Broncos CEO Joe Ellis said, commenting on the push to get fans back in the stands. Ellis acknowledged fans are frustrated. 

“We’re not the only team going through that, but you’ve all seen—[and] I’ve seen—that stadium when it’s electric and it’s packed. We’ve got to figure out a way to start showing the fans that they’re going to come back [to] watch these games and be energized and excited about them,” Ellis said.

The pandemic does play a part in the lack of attendance, but this announcement is a crucial one, uplifting some upset fans.

This was Kevin Hoag’s 22nd year as a season ticket holder. He has only missed about three games since he got the coveted spot.  

“I think to get this team heading in the right direction with the wins, the coaching, ownership … you’re gonna see people, you know, either there [or there will be] an empty seat in the house,” said Hoag. “I have five season tickets. So, it’s a big financial commitment on my part. But I love going to the games and during the, you know, these down years, especially the latter part of the season, you know, the tailgates make up a huge part of the whole experience.”

It’s that fan experience of togetherness that not even a losing record can defeat. 

“It’s been a few years since I’ve been able to feel proud to be a Broncos fan,” said Broncos fan Austin Hyatt. “Gotta keep supporting. Can’t just jump ship I guess.”

“Fans are frustrated but we’ll always root for them,” said Justin Hawman, another Broncos fan. “We’ve got too much Broncos stuff to throw it all away.”