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Which Wolverine action figure is best?

Wolverine’s popularity as a comic-book character rose when he joined the X-Men. There, he became a kind of antihero due to his broody demeanor and hair-raising looks. His character became a household name with the launch of the X-Men movies in 2000, which led to a spin-off trilogy featuring the character. Needless to say, Wolverine action figures have become a sought-after toy. If you want a great Wolverine figure, then have a look at the Marvel Legends Series: 6-inch Wolverine and Motorcycle to kick-start a collection.

What to know before you buy a Wolverine action figure

Wolverine action figures are just one of many Marvel toys available. His character has been presented in many guises over the years, from classic to contemporary looks. Buying any action figure may not be as straightforward as it seems, so here’s what to consider before purchasing.


Young fans of the X-Men and Wolverine movies may not relate to his classic yellow and blue spandex look as he never appeared like this in the X-Men movie franchise from 2000-2017. These movies focused more on Logan, the alter-ego of Wolverine, and he was barely referred to by his superhero name. Certainly, he didn’t resemble the colorful, vintage look. However, he has appeared this way in animation and Lego movies over the years. If buying a Wolverine figure as a gift, knowing which version of the character is preferred may be beneficial.

Allies and nemeses

Wolverine and The Hulk

Wolverine and Logan figures are compatible with any other X-Men character because this is the most recognizable crew he has belonged to. Comic-book fans will know he has also teamed up or fought many other Marvel characters. Battles between Wolverine and The Hulk are comic book lore, while Magneto is the most well-known nemesis of the X-Men in both comics and film.

Play or display?

Some action figures are perfect for being roughed up in creative battles. In contrast, others are aimed more at collectors for display purposes. Consider what and who you are buying the figure for before committing to a purchase.

What to look for in a quality Wolverine action figure

Painting and sculpting

Detail is essential for the collector. Many action figures nowadays have excellent levels of detail. Often, they even resemble the actors who portrayed them in movies. Detailing techniques are of a very high standard, so consider this when choosing a figure.


Action figures should have points of articulation so that battle scenes can be enacted and action poses can be displayed. Collectors and older fans more interested in display figures may enjoy new poses each day and require a lot of movement in the joints. However, simply articulated figures are OK for younger fans who simply want to bash the figure around.


Wolverine should have claws that protrude from his fists. All his action figures should feature these, but some could also have replaceable hands for when he retracts them. Logan is also a keen motorcyclist. Therefore, a motorcycle is a great accessory for this character. Replaceable heads should feature different expressions for this moody character.

How much you can expect to spend on a Wolverine action figure

Wolverine will usually set you back $20-$50 for regular to well-detailed figures. Collectibles can be had for around $80-$140. 

Wolverine action figure FAQ

Is Wolverine a suitable character for young children?

A. Wolverine is depicted as a brutal character in both comic books and on the big screen. The penultimate movie in the X-Men franchise “Logan” was the second R-rated Marvel movie after the success of “Deadpool.” Wolverine action figures are made to represent his character. Therefore, they feature his metal claws protruding from his knuckles and angry expressions. Use your own judgment when deciding on this character.

How does a collectible maintain its value?

A. Collectible action figures that maintain the highest valuation are those that are never removed from their packaging. If they are rare, they can make a pretty penny. These can be hard to come by, but that doesn’t mean the action figure you buy can’t increase value. If the figure is unboxed, then take care of it correctly for maximum worth. Keep it dust-free and gently wash with warm water if necessary. Don’t store your figure in hot or cold conditions; keep it at room temperature.

What’s the best Wolverine action figure to buy?

Top Wolverine action figure

Marvel Legends Series 6 inch Wolverine and Motorcycle

Marvel Legends Series: 6-inch Wolverine and Motorcycle

What you need to know: Wolverine is out of the suit as his alter ego, Logan. This will appeal to movie and comic-book fans alike. 

What you’ll love: Logan wears his white tank top and blue jeans, similar to how he often appeared in the X-Men movies. The two heads offer different expressions, while the classic Logan look is completed by his sleek motorcycle.

What you should consider: Lots of small parts and delicate accessories make it unsuitable for toddlers.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top Wolverine action figure for the money

Hasbro Marvel Legends Series X Men 6 inch Collectible Wolverine

Hasbro: Marvel Legends Series: X-Men 6-inch Collectible: Wolverine

What you need to know: This is a nicely detailed figure inspired by a comic-book iteration geared towards children aged four and up.

What you’ll love: This Wolverine has many points of articulation to create awesome action poses and realistic battle scenes with other action figures. It comes with an extra head for different expressions and can be collected alongside other X-Men characters.

What you should consider: Those long claws could get poked in an eye, so heed the age-range recommendation.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Marvel Titan Hero Series Wolverine 12 inch Action Figure

Marvel: Titan Hero Series: Wolverine 12-inch Action Figure

What you need to know: This classic comic-book version, with its yellow and blue spandex look, is a prominent action figure aimed at children over three.

What you’ll love: This 12-inch action figure will not be easily lost, and the vibrant colors will appeal to children and collectors alike. It’s sturdy and ready for roughhouse play or ready to show off his vintage look in collectors’ displays.

What you should consider: This Wolverine is not very well articulated but does stand well on hard surfaces.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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