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Which He-Man action figure is best?

Following the recent critical success of the CGI “Masters of the Universe: Revelation” series on Netflix, He-Man and “MOTU” action figures have become popular  again. Originally released along with the 1980s animated show, He-Man toys and figures have long been a success, with characters such as Skeletor, Battle Cat and, of course, He-Man himself collected by children and fans alike. 

He-Man, unsurprisingly, is the best character to collect in the franchise. A satisfying figure to buy is the “Masters of the Universe”: Origins: He-Man Action Figure, which can be ordered alongside other heroes and villains from the show.

What to know before you buy a He-Man action figure

Action figures have been popular toys for decades, from DC and Marvel superhero figures to the stellar team from “Star Wars.” You may think buying an action figure is easy, but there is a lot to consider.

Origins vs. “Revelation”

These are the two most popular lines of He-Man and “MOTU” figures. There are a few differences to consider. First, the “Revelation” figures have a different look, with the Origins figures being based on the 1980s shows. Second, the “Revelation” figures are a bit taller. They stand at 7 inches, while the Origins figures are 5.5 inches. This makes them incompatible with each other.


Action figures can be profitable investments. Taking care of figures and keeping them in their packaging can give them a high future value. Make sure any packaging is in pristine condition and store it carefully. Action figures should be stored at room temperature while avoiding exposure to sunlight.

Play or display

Some collectible “MOTU” figures can cost a lot of money. Collectors will probably buy these for display or investment and they are probably unsuitable for enthusiastic play at home. Consider your budget when purchasing a toy for roughhouse play.

What to look for in a quality He-Man action figure


Original He-Man figures from the ’80s lacked the sophisticated molding and sculpting techniques we see in toys today. Therefore, a modern action figure should feature an excellent level of detail. Even budget figures should have a good likeness to the on-screen characters.


As He-Man is a warrior, epic battle poses should be displayed readily. He-man action figures should have several points of articulation to help any child or fan produce various poses when playing or displaying. More simply articulated figures are probably OK for younger children more interested in bashing the figure around.


In the world of sword and sorcery, weapons are the main accessory for most characters. A “Masters” action figure should feature the weapons used in the show. However, other accessories can include armor or shields. Different detachable hands can help form more varieties of posing, while detachable heads can offer different expressions.  

How much you can expect to spend on a He-Man action figure

Regular He-Man action figures usually cost around the $10-$35 mark. However, some collectible items may set you back a few hundred dollars.

He-Man action figure FAQ

Who are the main “MOTU” characters?

A. He-man remains the most popular character, with his arch-nemesis Skeletor the character of secondary prominence. Man-at-Arms and Teela are popular supporting characters, as are Battle Cat and the magical Orko.

Can a young child safely play with a He-Man action figure?

A. Due to accessories being small parts and therefore choking hazards, it is not advisable to give a He-Man action figure to a child under 4 to play with. The makers of these figures usually recommend them to children ages 6 and up. This recommendation should be adhered to.

What’s the best He-Man action figure to buy?

Top He-Man action figure

Masters of the Universe- Origins- He-Man Action Figure

“Masters of the Universe”: Origins: He-Man Action Figure

What you need to know: A classic-looking He-Man toy suitable for children from age of 6.

What you’ll love: This figure has 16 points of articulation and arrives in a retro-style box to please older fans and collectors. It comes with a mini comic book, and accessories include his iconic sword, ax and shield.

What you should consider: Most complaints about this figure regard damaged packaging. Collectors should be vigilant and demand a new one if necessary.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top He-Man action figure for the money

Masters of the Universe- Origins- Skeletor Action Figure

“Masters of the Universe”: Origins: Skeletor Action Figure

What you need to know: Skeletor is the perfect enemy for any He-Man figure and is suitable for kids from age 6.

What you’ll love: Battle this finely detailed yet budgetarily pleasing Skeletor with his Origins counterpart, He-Man. The 16 articulation points make for awesome battles against the most powerful man in the universe. Accessories include his sword and the famous ram’s head staff.

What you should consider: As with the He-Man Origins figure, most complaints are centered around the packaging condition.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Masters of the Universe- Revelation- Battle Cat

“Masters of the Universe: Revelation”: Battle Cat

What you need to know: Cringer is He-Man’s timid pet that transforms into the ferocious Battle Cat when the need arises.

What you’ll love: This Battle Cat comes complete with the famous purple armor, which, when removed, reveals the cowardly Cringer. The 14-inch cat has 30 points of articulation, ensuring that a wide variety of poses can be made in battle and in frightened hiding.

What you should consider: This is from the “Revelation” line of figures and may not be perfectly compatible with other lines.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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