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Which three-tier stands are best?

Selecting the best three-tier stand for your needs relies on multiple factors, including how you plan to use it, what type of stand you need and the overall style of the three-level serving platter. And while it’s hard to go wrong with any three-tier stand you may end up with, your guests are likely to be impressed with a model that matches your other decor.

For a basic model, this StarPack Home three-tier Stand features a classic galvanized metal look, with three round serving platforms that are attached by a pole in the middle.

What to know before you buy a three-tier stand


It’s important to consider how you plan to use your three-tier stand before you make your purchase. If you’re buying a three-tier stand for a specific event, you’ll find that many of the best serving platters can be used for a variety of needs after the initial purchase, especially in the case of three-tier stands, which are often used for storage, transporting goods or decoration, in addition to food service.


A variety of three-tier stand types exists out there, with the most common being three round serving platters of varying sizes connected by a single, central pole. Still, you can find other three-tier serving trays that feature rectangular or other non-round tiers, or those that feature bowls instead of flat platforms.


The overall size of a three-tier stand may or may not be important for your needs, though folks with limited space or needing to maximize serving surface area may want to consider what size the models they’re looking at are. Most typical round three-tier stands measure to about 18 inches tall, though you can find models with widely varying sizes.

What to look for in a quality three-tier stand


Most importantly, you want to make sure the stand you choose is sturdy enough to effectively hold whatever items you’re serving without them falling over. Models that aren’t sturdy could result in losing your snacks or goods before they’re served, making an unstable three-tier stand pretty pointless after all.


Part of the purpose of a three-tier stand is its ability to hold a high volume of treats, snacks or desserts, so finding a model that offers spacious surface area options for serving is a great way to maximize the amount of food you can hold.

Style and design

The overall style and design of a three-tier stand is usually the main selling point for buyers, since they come in a wide range of materials, styles and configurations. Finding a stand with a style that matches your other decor is a great way to unify your decorations, while still serving up the things you want for your guests.

How much you can expect to spend on a three-tier stand

Depending on what you’re looking for, these stands can vary a little bit in price from model to model. Cheap three-tier stands will usually cost around $8-$15, while other models can range in price from $20-$60.

Three-tier stand FAQ

Do they make three-tier stands with lights?

A. Several manufacturers produce their own stands with lights, which offers a great solution for events in dimly-lit spaces or just for adding a level of ambiance to whatever you’re serving.

Are wooden three-tier stands a good solution for serving food?

A. Wooden stands are a great solution for food service, making it easy to plate, transport and serve a variety of snacks in an elegant way. While wood isn’t the most common material used to make three-tier stands, you can find a number of wooden stands available from online retailers.

What are the best three-tier stands to buy?

Top three-tier stand

StarPack Home three-tier Stand for Serving and Kitchen Use

StarPack Home three-tier Stand for Serving and Kitchen Use

What you need to know: This simple stand features three round serving tiers of varying diameters in a galvanized metal, and it stands at 18.5 inches tall with all three platters stacked together

What you’ll love: This stand is great for multi-level serving for snacks, cupcakes or other desserts. The top level, and the smallest, measures about 8 inches in diameter, while the middle tray is about 10 inches in diameter, all while the very bottom tray offers a 15-inch diameter.

What you should consider: This three-tier stand showed up without the center pole for some.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top three-tier stand for the money

iHomeCooker Acrylic Cupcake Display Riser and three-tier Stand

iHomeCooker Acrylic Cupcake Display Riser and three-tier Stand

What you need to know: For a slightly different take on the three-tier stand, this acrylic display riser includes three separate trays of the same size in an ascending stack that’s great for serving.

What you’ll love: In addition to offering a clean, clear acrylic stand, this model is very affordable compared to some other display stands. It can also be purchased in either three-tier or two-tier configurations, with the two-tier stand costing just a little bit less.

What you should consider: A few didn’t realize that there’s a protective film to be removed in order to reveal the clear acrylic look underneath.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Worth checking out

Sumerflos three-tier Porcelain Cupcake Stand and Serving Tray

Sumerflos three-tier Porcelain Cupcake Stand and Serving Tray

What you need to know: This elegant porcelain serving tray comes with three cascading serving tray levels made from porcelain, as well as a gold center pole that features a handle on top.

What you’ll love: This three-tier stand includes ornate shapes designed into each porcelain dish, and its central pole makes it both sturdy and aesthetically pleasing. The serving stand measures to about 14.5 inches tall, with 6-, 8- and 10-inch serving platters.

What you should consider: This stand is more expensive than some other models.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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