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Which HP Monitor is best?

Whether for gaming, working, streaming or a little bit of everything, a home computer setup is not complete without a fitting monitor. One of the leading electronics companies in HP offers a range of options intended to supplement a variety of users so you can have a comfortable, efficient experience at home or in the office.

HP’s Omen X27 is a top gaming monitor for dedicated competitors but only one of a variety of options that vary by features, size and purpose, all of which will determine what the best HP monitor for you is.

What to know before you buy an HP monitor


HP generally divides their monitors into three different categories: gaming, work and general use. Gaming monitors are designed for optimal performance, eliminating lag while providing an impressive display to cater to lush, ever-changing virtual landscapes. 

Work models champion efficiency, connectivity, security and comfort. General use monitors may function in a few different roles and are ideal for those who want a home setup for a laptop that will be used for browsing, streaming and some casual gaming.

For more information on uses and series, check out the HP monitor buying guide at BestReviews.

Screen size

The size of the monitor screen is measured in inches from one corner diagonally to the other. Most popular options are between 24 and 30 inches. This offers a sizable space for a single user, significantly more than any laptop. 

Some gaming laptops come in a larger size, with select models in the 30-inch to 40-inch range as well as a single, expensive, luxury gaming monitor that comes in at a staggering 65 inches. Assess the space available at home, including where you’ll be seated and how you’ll be connecting devices to the monitor.


Keep in mind that while HP monitors are fairly thin, they do require space. Most options utilize a stand with a wide, bulky base that will take up room on a desk. For those that game, this might not necessarily be an issue. However, those who need a monitor for work, in which a laptop, keyboard and mouse may need to be accessible on a desk as well, seek out a mountable monitor that can affix to a wall to save space and increase efficiency.

What to look for in a quality HP monitor


Most HP monitors feature Full HD resolution, which will suffice for work and casual usage. However, while some gamers enjoy Full HD resolution, others may want to opt for a gaming monitor that boasts Quad HD resolution, which offers more detail but doesn’t take up as much power as a 4K monitor. 

HP does offer a 4K monitor at this time; gamers who opt for this will want to make sure they have a strong Wi-Fi connection and powerful, compatible accessories to reduce any blur or lag that can occur. 


Consider what devices you’ll want to connect to your monitor and how you’ll do it. Most HP monitors allow for an HDMI connection, which offers the transmission of high-speed audio and video. DisplayPort is another rapid option that users will want to seek out if they forgo an HDMI connection. Some options may have an audio port as well as a USB input as well.

Control panel

While all HP monitors offer basic control panels that allow the user to toggle brightness and picture settings, some options, particularly higher-end business models, allow for user profiles and presets. This is ideal if a home or workstation is used by different people or for different endeavors, like browsing, gaming and work.

How much you can expect to spend on an HP monitor

Most work and casual use monitors cost $200-$400, but high-end gaming options can run up to and over $500.

HP monitor FAQ

Are curved monitors worth it?

A. HP offers a handful of curved monitors, although these tend to be mainly reserved for gamers or those into creative professions or activities. A curved monitor offers a more immersive experience, but it also has its limits. The monitor can’t easily be turned or tilted and may be a struggle to mount. What’s more, additional monitors can’t be hooked up either. Curved monitors and TVs have been around for a while, but they’ve struggled to become more than a niche product.

What specs are important in a gaming monitor?

A. Check response time and refresh rate when choosing a gaming monitor. Response time, measured in milliseconds, details how quickly the monitor responds to inputs made on the computer; 5ms is the base standard for casual play, but most gamers prefer at least 3ms response time up to 1ms. Meanwhile, refresh rate is the number of times the screen refreshes in a second, measured in hertz. 60Hz is a base standard, though most games prefer at least 120Hz.

What’s the best HP monitor to buy?

Top HP monitor

Omen X 27

Omen X 27

What you need to know: This high-quality gaming monitor provides an impressive display with a quick response time for serious players.

What you’ll love: With Quad HD resolution, 240Hz refresh rate and a 1ms response time, this gaming monitor gives players an edge in the virtual world. Features an HDMI and DisplayPort inputs; it can also be mounted.

What you should consider: It is fairly pricey and best serves the newest, biggest video games.

Where to buy: Sold by HP

Top HP monitor for the money

Omen by HP 25

Omen by HP 25

What you need to know: This budget-friendly gaming monitor is ideal for casual gamers seeking versatility and efficiency.

What you’ll love: Two HDMI ports, one DisplayPort and a 25-inch screen allow for varied usage and plenty of connectivity. Offers impressive 1ms response time; 144Hz refresh rate will satisfy most gamers.

What you should consider: This monitor can’t be mounted.

Where to buy: Sold by HP and Amazon

Worth checking out

U27 4K Wireless Monitor

U27 4K Wireless Monitor

What you need to know: For those seeking a quality monitor for a variety of uses, this 4K option is sizable, bright and offers plenty of conveniences.

What you’ll love: This wireless 4K monitor can double as a small entertainment hub with its detail, brightness and pair of high-speed inputs. Thin bezels and quality speakers offer an intimate and immersive experience.

What you should consider: This monitor requires a strong Wi-Fi connection to avoid lag. It can’t be mounted.

Where to buy: Sold by HP

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