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Which heavy-duty camping chairs are best?

When you go camping, a quality chair is a must-have. When it comes to enjoying the outdoors, a heavy-duty camping chair that is comfortable and durable can make all the difference. 

The best heavy-duty camping chairs are portable, versatile and supportive. The Coleman ComfortSmart Suspension Chair is a great choice for making the outdoors feel like home. 

What to know before you buy a heavy-duty camping chair

Heavy-duty camping chairs come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some are meant for single users only, while others function more like a loveseat or small couch. Which heavy-duty camping chair you choose depends on how you plan to use it, but there are other things to consider too. 


When considering a heavy-duty camping chair, you will want to consider not only the weight of the person who will sit in it, but also the weight of the chair itself. If you plan on hiking into a campsite, you’ll need a lightweight chair that still supports plenty of weight. For car camping, it’s fine to go with a heavier chair. 


Steel-frame camping chairs are going to be more durable than their aluminum-frame counterparts. For the seat material, most heavy-duty camping chairs are made of strong and durable nylon. Avoid thin nylon, as it will tear easily, especially where it attaches to the frame or meets another piece of material.

Chair height

Chair height matters when it comes to activities outdoors. Planning on spending long nights around the campfire? Lower chairs will be fine for a campfire, but won’t work sitting at a table. If you’re buying multiple chairs for a group, make sure they’re all the same height. This makes it easier for everyone to feel like they’re part of the conversation.

What to look for in a quality heavy-duty camping chair

Padded Seats and backs 

Never underestimate the importance of a padded seat and back, especially after a long day spent outdoors. Look for padding made from closed cell foam, which won’t absorb water if the chair gets wet. 

Drink holders

Whether it’s for your morning coffee or a frosty beverage before dinner, your heavy-duty camping chair should have at least one drink holder. Some camping chairs even come complete with a cooler so you don’t have to get up to get a drink. 

Upright vs. reclined

Afternoon naps are even more comfortable in a reclined heavy-duty camping chair.  Put your feet up, kick back and relax. If you’ll use your camping chair more for sitting around the fire, there’s no use in spending extra money for one that reclines. 


If you’re planning on using your camping chair at the beach or in another sunny spot, consider purchasing one with a detachable sun shade. Look for heavy-duty camping chairs made from UV-resistant materials, too. 

How much you can expect to spend on a heavy-duty camping chair

Heavy-duty camping chair FAQ

How do you care for a heavy-duty camping chair?

A. As with most camping equipment, moisture is the enemy of the heavy-duty camping chair. Before storing, make sure that your camping chair is completely dry and free of loose mud, dirt or other natural material. 

Are there camping chairs designed just for children?

A. While you can find camping chairs in child sizes, sometimes it’s best to buy everyone the same size chair. Most child-sized camping chairs are not designed for heavy use and don’t last as long as adult camping chairs. Additionally, the child in the chair is lower than the adult chairs, and they may feel left out.

However, child-sized camping chairs are lightweight and easier for children to get in and out on their own. For very young children, this might be a wise choice. 

When should you replace a heavy-duty camping chair?

A. Replace your heavy-duty camping chair when you notice rips in the fabric, stress around the fasteners or rust in any of the joints. If your camping chair becomes difficult to open or close, there may be problems with the bolts that connect each part of the frame. Consider replacing your chair. 

What’s the best heavy-duty camping chair to buy?

Top heavy-duty camping chair

Coleman ComfortSmart Suspension Chair

Coleman ComfortSmart Suspension Chair

What you need to know: Keep things easy and breezy with this comfortable, sturdy camping chair.

What you’ll love: This 12-pound chair combines strength and performance for portable comfort wherever you camp. The nylon mesh back allows airflow and the steel frame supports up to 300 pounds. It also features an integrated drink holder that fits most cups.

What you should consider: This chair is too heavy for hike-in camping.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Top heavy-duty camping chair for the money

Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler

Coleman Camping Chair with Built-in 4 Can Cooler

What you need to know: Coleman’s value entry is as comfortable and sturdy as their higher priced options.

What you’ll love: This sturdy chair from a trusted name in camping holds up to 325 pounds on a steel frame, plus four cans of your favorite beverage. The arm height is adjustable, and the seat is cushioned for comfort.

What you should consider: Some users wanted a higher back for more neck support.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Home Depot

Worth checking out

Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair

Coastrail Outdoor Camping Chair

What you need to know: This chair is versatile, comfortable and roomy for people of all sizes.

What you’ll love: This chair features lumbar support, a comfy padded seat, cooler bag, cup holder and side pocket. It also holds people up to 400 pounds and folds easily for storage.

What you should consider: Users report that the zippers on the cooler bag are not as sturdy as they should be.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon


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