How to use a yoga towel on the beach


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Yoga towels

Are you ready for a vacation? Maybe you picture yourself serenely practicing yoga on the beach, not a care in the world. If so, you’re going to need a yoga towel. But there are so many, how do you know which one to choose? 

What is a yoga towel? 

A yoga towel is similar to a yoga mat. However, the material makes it possible to use as a towel or in addition to a yoga mat. They are typically used to place over a yoga mat to keep from slipping and for cleanliness. They’re accommodating for hot yoga or if you use a mat from your yoga studio. Some can function alone without a yoga mat, perfect for the beach.

Yoga towels can also be machine washed, making them ideal for the beach or any outdoor activity. They’re convenient, and you can take them with you anywhere. They’re great if you happen to be traveling or doing your yoga practice in a different place than usual. They also don’t take up all the room that yoga mats do since you can fold a yoga towel and place it in your suitcase. 

How to use a yoga towel on the beach

When you’re at the beach, it’s great to have a yoga towel with you for a variety of reasons. Some designs are for use without a yoga mat, while others you should use in addition to your yoga mat. A yoga towel could help to protect the mat from some sand and sun exposure.

It will give more of a non-slip surface to keep you from falling on the ground when it isn’t entirely flat. It can double as a beach towel, which is convenient if you’re sweating a lot from being outdoors or forget your towel for swimming.

Use the yoga towel properly by finding a stable ground area to practice. Lay out your yoga mat, and then add the towel to the top of it. Some come with corner pockets or grips on the bottom to help hold the towel to the mat. It can be beneficial when you’re outdoors where there might be a breeze.

If you’re using a yoga towel alone with no mat, find a flat surface and unfold your towel to begin your yoga practice.

Best beach yoga towels

IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel

IUGA Non-Slip Yoga Towel

This yoga towel is best for use with a yoga mat at the beach. It’s super easy to clean and fast-drying, and its corner pockets keep it from being carried away by the wind. IUGA microfiber gives extra comfort if you’re outdoors. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel

Yogitoes Manduka Yoga Towel

Best to use with mat and made with light cotton material. You can wash it in a machine.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Shandali GoSweat Hot Yoga Towel

Shandali GoSweat Hot Yoga Towel

Designed for use with or without a yoga mat, making this the perfect towel to take to the beach. Easy to pack and carry, and machine washable to get rid of sand. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Yoga Jaci Yoga Towel

Yoga Jaci Yoga Towel

This towel is ideal for traveling and practicing yoga from anywhere. Soft microfiber material dries easily, and you can wash the product in a machine.

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Manduka eQua Mat Towel

Manduka eQua Mat Towel

This towel is excellent for outdoor use, and you can wash it in a regular machine. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon and Dick’s Sporting Goods

Other items to have for outdoor yoga

Yeti 20 ounce tumbler

When you’re enjoying your yoga practice in the great outdoors, there are some other items you may want to have with you to make the day more pleasant. Start with a Yeti 20 ounce tumbler that you can fill with water or juice. This one also has a lid that will keep the liquid from spilling.

Sukeen Breathable Cooling Towels

Although you already have your yoga towel with you, it may be that you want an additional cooling towel to use during your practice. If so, you can’t go wrong with Sukeen Breathable Cooling Towels. They’ll keep you cool enough for you to continue with your yoga practice and enjoy being outside.

LFS Yoga Mat

If you do choose to bring a yoga mat with you in addition to your yoga towel, try out the LFS Yoga Mat, ideal for outdoor use. It provides extra cushioning to keep you from feeling every pebble under your feet as you work out.

ASUTRA Natural and Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner

Last, whether you’re practicing yoga on the beach, anywhere outdoors or in a gym, you’ll want to keep your yoga mat clean. Do this by using ASUTRA Natural and Organic Yoga Mat Cleaner. Be confident that your yoga mat is germ-free and you’re using a product that cleans naturally.


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