Which makeup for blue eyes is best?

Blue eyes can range from crystal, light blue, to gray-blue to dark with hints of green and hazel. They can be cooler-shaded or warm. Despite the range of shades, a few rules of thumb apply for making your baby blues really stand out: complement your shade and don’t be afraid to experiment with color. If you’re looking for high-quality, blue-eye-friendly makeup, the Natasha Denona Mini Gold Eyeshadow Palette is the top choice. 

What to know before you buy makeup for blue eyes

Day vs. night

Are you shopping for a day look? Or one for night? With light eyes, a little goes a long way when planning a daytime look, so opt for a palette with muted and translucent colors for daytime. At night, make your blue eyes stand out with smoky, pigmented shadows and a bright pop at the brow bone.


Blue eyes are the only ones in which you can play with the hue opposite your eye color on the color wheel: orange. This on-trend color looks especially interesting on blue eyes, adding warmth and visual interest to your look. Whether you opt for a pale, peachy variety or lean into the look with a warm, bright orange, you’ll love how this sunny family of makeup will look around blue eyes. It’s the perfect time to try orange since it’s in style and looks great with blue eyes.

Don’t neglect your brows

While everyone gains from making brows look sleek and maintained, light-colored eyes benefit from this in particular. Brows frame your eyes and can draw attention to them. Keep them shaped and fill them in with a powder that matches your eyebrow color or is one shade darker. Finish off your brows with a brow gel or wax for an especially polished look.

What to look for in quality makeup for blue eyes

Buildable pigment

Light to medium coverage eyeshadows are best because a little goes a long way with makeup around blue eyes. Choose sheer colors and subtle shades. You can always layer on more product as necessary.


Blue eyes uniquely sparkle with some shimmer around them, so find a palette that has glittery options. Whether you bathe your eyelids in a warm glow or just add a pop at the brow bone, give your blue eyes that extra something with shimmery eyeshadows. Golds and rosy colors are a great option for blue eyes. For nights out or when you want to play with color, a fun turquoise or even a hint of sparkly mauve near your top lash line looks great with blue eyes.

Consider cream

Blue eyes often (but not always!) come with fair skin, which can tend to be on the drier side. If this describes you, consider eye makeup in cream form. It contains more moisturizing ingredients, draws less attention to fine lines and lasts a long time without reapplication when properly set.

How much you can expect to spend on makeup for blue eyes

You can purchase a simple single-color drugstore option for as little as $5. A full palette from a premium brand will be in the $40-$60 range. 

Makeup for blue eyes FAQ

Should I wear blue eyeshadow with blue eyes?

A. No color is off-limits for blue eyes, but use blue eyeshadow sparingly. While a pop of blue can play off your color and add some fun to your look, too much blue eyeshadow will make your eye color look washed out and could be too “matchy-matchy” to best showcase your eyes. Instead, look for warm colors that will let the color of your eyes stand on its own.

How many colors should I apply for a complete look for blue eyes?

A. Start with three basic shades: an all-over, neutral color to wash over your entire lid area, a crease color in a darker color to accentuate the natural shadows there, and a highlighting color for your brow bone (shimmer works great here). While you can add more shades, these three will get you off to a good start and can give you a polished look.

What’s the best makeup for blue eyes to buy?

Top makeup for blue eyes

Natasha Denona Gold Eyeshadow Palette

Natasha Denona Mini Gold Eyeshadow Palette 

What you need to know: Natasha Denona’s eyeshadows go on smoothly and last.

What you’ll love: With matte, shimmery and duo-chrome shades, the bold options in this palette will let you add the sparkle and warmth to make your blue eyes look gorgeous. 

What you should consider: This palette can go on highly pigmented, so if your coloring is fair, apply with a light hand. 

Where to buy: Sold by Amazon

Top makeup for blue eyes for the money

Maybelline The Nudes Wear Eyeshadow Palette

Maybelline The Nudes Wear Eyeshadow Palette

What you need to know: From the drugstore makeup powerhouse, this subtle, all-purpose palette offers many great shades for blue eyes.

What you’ll love: Each color is beautiful on its own, but it’s in combination that they’re really a stand-out. Bathe your lids in soft, nude colors and add a pop of satin at the brow for a cohesive, put-together look.

What you should consider: This palette leans to the cooler, paler side, so if you want to create a bright, colorful look, this won’t give you the selection you need.

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty

Worth checking out

Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette in Punked

Smashbox Cover Shot Eye Shadow Palette in Punked

What you need to know: This palette is a full collection of cool shades, from neutrals for your overall lid color to dramatic, smoky crease options.

What you’ll love: The taupes and grays in this makeup palette are ideal for blue eyes, providing a hint of depth and visual interest to help your natural color stand out.

What you should consider: This palette is low on shimmery options, so if you’re looking to incorporate sparkle into your look, you may need to supplement this with shimmers from your existing collection.

Where to buy: Sold by Ulta Beauty and Macy’s


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