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Which Samsung range is best?

Samsung is well known for its premium smartphones and tablets, and over the last several years it’s made a name in high-end home appliances, too. Taking cues from Samsung’s other successful lineups, its microwaves, refrigerators and ranges offer stylish designs, clean lines, powerful functionality and interesting smart features.

All these come together to improve your cooking experience as well as your kitchen’s appearance. And the top choice for a range is the affordable but feature-packed Samsung NE63A6511SS Smart Electric Range; there’s a gas-powered version, too.

What to know before you buy a Samsung range

Samsung hasn’t been in the appliance game that long

This is an important point to consider because some brands, such as Whirlpool and Frigidaire, are renowned for decades of effective, efficient appliances. Samsung doesn’t have that rich history of ranges, ovens or refrigerators. What the company does have are large teams of talented engineers dedicated to making quality appliances.

Samsung ranges are considerably more reliable now than before

Several years ago, after the debut of Samsung’s premium modern ranges, there were more than a few complaints. There were manufacturing issues in both the electronics and physical burners.

After a couple generations of refinement, though, that’s no longer the case. In fact, large-scale surveys of appliance repair technicians now report that Samsung ranges have some of the lowest error and failure rates among the top-name brands. That’s a pretty impressive improvement.

There are a lot of models to look through

It’s important to note that there are dozens of Samsung ranges available from retailers. Pay close attention to model numbers and current releases to make sure you’re choosing the most dependable options. The worst mistake you can make when buying a Samsung range is accidentally buying a leftover older model that doesn’t have the refined build quality of the newest releases. 

What to look for in a quality Samsung range

Freestanding vs. slide-in configuration

The first thing to consider is whether you need a freestanding or slide-in range. Freestanding ranges are more common, with integrated backsplashes and finished sides that make them easy replacements for most older ranges. Slide-in ranges differ in that they lack backsplashes and usually finished sides, and the broiler is often in a different location.

If you’re doing a complete kitchen remodel and want something that looks really nice, you might be in the market for a slide-in range. Most consumers, however, will want to start by looking at freestanding models.

Type of burners

Samsung makes great gas and electric burners. Most dedicated chefs prefer gas because it’s easier and more natural to cook on, and in some parts of the country it’s less expensive than cooking with electricity. On the other hand, electric ranges are far easier to clean and are the obvious choice if there’s no natural gas in your home or region.

Oven features

Most Samsung ranges have 6 cubic feet of oven space or more, so you won’t have much to worry about there. Instead, consider advanced oven features such as convection cooking, which Samsung calls Air Fry technology.

Other nice-to-have features include rapid preheating that helps shave the overall cooking time and self-cleaning technology that uses steam to free stubborn particles from the oven walls. Samsung’s most premium ranges even offer split ovens that can operate at different temperatures simultaneously.

How much you can expect to spend on a Samsung range

Samsung ranges cost about $800 at the low end. You can spend as much as $4,000 on an ultra-premium option, but the best overall choices are in the $2,000 range.

Samsung range FAQ

Are convection and air frying the same thing?

A. For the most part, yes, the terms are interchangeable. In Samsung’s case, know that its convection-enabled models are equipped with a third element that ensures the air coming from the fan is the correct temperature, which decreases cooking time and ensures consistent performance.

Are Samsung’s smart cooking features worth it?

A. Most of Samsung’s recent ranges boast wireless connectivity and an adaptive smart control knob that learns how you like to cook and streamlines the process. This might take a little getting used to, but checking your oven’s temperature and time remaining remotely can make your life a lot easier if you’re in the middle of something.

What’s the best Samsung range to buy?

Top Samsung range

Samsung NE63A6511SS Smart Electric Range

Samsung NE63A6511SS Smart Electric Range

What you need to know: This moderately priced range has some of Samsung’s most interesting bells and whistles.

What you’ll love: There’s an above-average amount of room in the oven, which also offers effective convection technology. The electric range top is efficient and sports five burners, two of which can expand to accommodate large pots and pans. It even boasts the company’s smart adaptive control scheme and Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you plan meals in advance, right down to the minute they’re ready to eat.

What you should consider: Not everyone prefers electric ranges. There’s also a similar model that has gas burners, although it’s a bit more expensive.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Top Samsung range for the money

Samsung NX60A6111SS Freestanding Gas Range

Samsung NX60A6111SS Freestanding Gas Range

What you need to know: This budget-friendly recommendation has the high-quality design and construction of Samsung’s newest smart ranges, but costs considerably less.

What you’ll love: It’s a surprisingly affordable option from a company normally known for pricey appliances. Its surfaces, burners and grates are easy to clean and there’s a griddle positioned over the center element. It even offers wireless temperature monitoring.

What you should consider: It lacks a convection or air fry feature.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot

Worth checking out

Samsung NY63T8751SS Flex Duo Slide-In Range

Samsung NY63T8751SS Flex Duo Slide-In Range

What you need to know: This high-end range represents the finest Samsung features along with exceptional build quality and appearance.

What you’ll love: One of Samsung’s nicest ranges, this includes all the company’s newest smart cooking innovations — it can even connect to a smartphone app via Wi-Fi to allow voice control and future meal planning. Its fingerprint-resistant finish and slide-in configuration mean it will look great in even the most premium home kitchens. And its Flex Duo oven, which has 6.3 cubic feet of total capacity, can also function as two separate ovens running at different temperatures.

What you should consider: It’s extremely expensive and will require some remodeling if it’s meant to replace a freestanding range.

Where to buy: Sold by Home Depot


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