NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Dozens of New Mexico political candidates have been making their pitches to voters and attacks against their competition for months. Now, there’s just two weeks left before the votes get tallied for the 2022 midterm election.

So what are some of the biggest political battles to be decided in New Mexico during this election? Chris and Gabby are talking about the races to watch out for with KRQE Political Analyst Gabe Sanchez on this week’s episode of KRQE News 13’s New Mexico News Podcast.

Gabe shares his analysis and projection about who will win the race for governor between Democratic incumbent Michelle Lujan Grisham and Republican challenger, Mark Ronchetti. Also discussed: the battle for the office of the state’s Attorney General, New Mexico’s House of Representatives, and New Mexico’s three races for U.S. Congress.

In Congressional District (CD) 1, Democrat incumbent Melanie Stansbury faces Republican challenger, Michelle Garcia Holmes. In CD3, Democratic incumbent Teresa Ledger Fernandez faces Republican challenger, Alexis Martinez Johnson in a rematch from 2020’s contest.

One of the most watched races in the country will be the battle for CD2 between incumbent Republican Yvette Herrell and Democratic challenger Gabe Vasquez. What role will the state’s newly drawn voting districts (redistricting) play in the election?

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This week, we mentioned a few news stories in the episode. Here’s a link to a story about the “bad for New Mexico” memes, written by KRQE News 13’s Curtis Segarra. And here’s Curtis’ story about how much the gubernatorial campaigns are spending this election.

KRQE News 13 will be livestreaming election results on during election night. Tune in for live coverage throughout the evening.

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