ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – In March, KRQE News 13 profiled a Ukrainian-born woman now living in Albuquerque who helped her elderly mother evacuate the country in the first weeks of the Russian invasion. In the process of getting her mom out of her war-torn country, Diana Horak also made a supply run to help refugees in neighboring countries and soldiers on the front line.

Since the initial story, Diana says New Mexicans have continued to step forward, helping ensure more items of need can get to Ukraine. Some locals have even offered anonymous donations worth thousands of dollars, money that’s been used to buy supplies like baby clothes, medical devices, and gear for Ukrainian soldiers.

Now calling her mission, “Bras, Boots, and Babies,” Diana is planning to head back to Ukraine soon with roughly 900 pounds of aid in tow. It’s a trip she never expected to make again, but one she says she’s driven to do in an effort to help her country.

This week on the New Mexico News Podcast, Diana sits down with Chris and Gabby from her Albuquerque living room, surrounded by suitcases and supplies that will be heading to Ukraine. Hear more about her homegrown operation and why she’s continued to help.

Those interested in helping Diana’s mission are asked to donate to Diana’s church: New City Life in Albuquerque. Any donors are asked to include a message saying the funds are for “Diana Horak’s mission to Ukraine.”

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