ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – The ever-evolving scene of criminal intelligence has now moved into the world of retail crime. In an August news conference, some of New Mexico’s top officials announced a new partnership, allowing some of the state’s largest retailers to easily share crime data with police through a new system.

Run by a company called Auror, the private database keeps photos, videos, and other associated information about cases of retail crime. The New Mexico Chamber of Commerce is inviting its member retailers to use the database for free over the next several years. New Mexico’s various law enforcement agencies, including the Attorney General’s Office, will also be able to access the database for criminal case prosecution.

So how does it work? And what does it mean for customers? This week on KRQE News 13’s New Mexico News Podcast, Gabrielle Burkhart has a candid conversation with Attorney General Hector Balderas about the latest initiative.

Who has access to information about suspected criminals? How is the data being used? What other issues need to be addressed in the realm of organized retail crime? Is it really more profitable to steal from a Home Depot, Lowe’s, or small business owner rather than selling drugs, guns, or running stolen cars in New Mexico, as the AG suggests?

During this week’s conversation, we mentioned a few links to other news stories and resources. Here’s a link to KRQE Investigative Reporter Ann Pierret’s original story about the AG’s retail crime operation. Here’s a link for more information on how businesses can sign up to take part in the new database.

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