ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – More than five years after one of Albuquerque’s most heinous crimes, the long-awaited trial of one of the last known suspects were supposed to start this month. However, the trial of Fabian Gonzales didn’t start as expected.

Gonzales, who’s accused in the 2016 death of 10-year old Victoria Martens, has been awaiting trial since his arrest nearly six years ago. He’s accused of several counts of evidence tampering and child abuse resulting in death.

New Mexico News Podcast

The complicated case is the focus of this week’s episode of the New Mexico News Podcast, as Chris and Gabby speak with an attorney about what’s taken so long. President-Elect of the New Mexico Criminal Lawyers Association and a longtime New Mexico attorney Jennifer Burrill joins the conversation to help assess the reasons behind the years-long delay in the trial.

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