NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – New Mexico’s police and sheriffs departments are among the many public entities bracing to see how recreational cannabis will change the state. Since the law passed in late March, a prominent northwest New Mexico sheriff has been expressing his concerns over how officers and deputies will enforce the new law and other outcomes that may come with it.

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This week on the New Mexico News Podcast, hosts Chris McKee and Gabrielle Burkhart wrap up a four-part series on legal recreational cannabis in New Mexico, interviewing New Mexico Law Enforcement Association Board Member and San Juan County Sheriff Shane Ferrari. His county is home to Farmington, the sixth most populous city in New Mexico and also one of the state’s largest water sources: the San Juan River.

What is the sheriff telling his deputies about how to handle impaired driving cases? Does he think the tax revenue generated by the industry will help fund his department, as some lawmakers have suggested? Those questions and more are discussed on the episode.

In previous recreational cannabis-related episodes of the podcast, Chris and Gabby have discussed the nuts and bolts of the new law and its legislative history; the challenges recreational cannabis has presented in the state of Colorado; also the rules facing cannabis growers and the perspective of one prospective producer.

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