ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – For over five years, he was New Mexico’s top cop. Pete Kassetas has a storied career in state law enforcement, but he also now has an entirely different career as an Albuquerque business owner.

This week on the New Mexico News PodcastChris McKee and Gabrielle Burkhart have a rare and candid sit-down with Kassetas, who shares details behind his ups and downs in law enforcement, and what it was like to be the face of New Mexico’s largest police agency. Kassetas led the New Mexico State Police during some of the state’s biggest news events, including school shootings in Roswell and Aztec. He shares what it was like to face the public during tragedies, and some of the politics at play behind the scenes.

Kassetas was new to the Chief position when KRQE News 13 broke the story about a New Mexico State Police officer in Taos opening fire on a minivan with children in tow during a traffic stop. That case was a pivotal moment for the chief.

Now on the other side of dealing with crime, the former lawman offers perspective on what it’s like owning a business in one of the city’s biggest recent development shake-ups – Old Town in Albuquerque. He’s also part of a new task force alongside other business owners to try and come up with solutions.

What’s the former chief been up to since leaving State Police? Has his view on handling crime changed? Those topics and more are discussed in this week’s episode which you can listen to above, or wherever you get your podcasts. Here’s a look at some of KRQE News 13’s coverage of the stories and events mentioned in this week’s episode:

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