Women have helped shape the world for centuries. A unique trio that recently made history in New Mexico by becoming the first all-female to lead the University of New Mexico Health Science Center.

Jamie Silva-Steele leads UNM’s Sandoval Regional Medical Center in Rio Rancho, Kate Becker is the CEO of UNM Hospitals and Jill Klar is the CEO of the UNM Medical Group.

Together these three ladies oversee all that goes on within UNM facilities. There is only about 13 percent of healthcare CEOs in America that are women, so three in one place is basically unheard of.

“I think the spirit and energy and collaboration between three strong female leaders have been different in my career. I don’t’ think I’ve ever had the opportunity to experience this before,” said Klar.

“I think historically men tend to think of it as a win-lose situation, while women balance it as to how can we all get something out of it,” said Becker.

While the three women now hold the top title in their organization, it’s not necessarily a title they expected to hold. The trio laughs about their unexpected journies, but it’s taken a lot to get to where they are. 

The women have also recognized the hurdles they’ve had to cross. According to Klar, most of the tables she sat around over the course of her career were primarily men.

Even though they all have different backgrounds and faced professional challenges, the trio has some clear goals for UNM Health Sciences.

First, they want to put more focus on the patient and enticing more young people to choose careers in healthcare. Silva-Steele would also like to see through the expansion of the Rio Rancho campus.