CHICAGO (NewsNation Now) — ‘Tis the season for giving but sometimes those presents might be challenging to wrap. While throwing gifts in a gift bag may be a quick and easy solution, many people say they like personalized wrapped gifts more.

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Andrea Rappaport joined NewsNation’s Morning in America to share some tips and tricks to make your gifts extra special.

  1. Tie your wrapping paper roll to the table
    • Run a ribbon through the base of the wrapping paper, roll it out and tape it to side of the surface you’re using to wrap gifts.
  2. Use household items as boxes
    • If you have any odd shapped items that need wrapping, use a household item. For example, a Pringles can could be used to stuff with gifts like socks or hats. Add the lid back on, wrap and you’re ready to go.
  3. Use diagnoal wrapping to save paper
    • Instead of placing an extra large item flush on the wrapping paper, tilt it over to the side, fold the sides of the paper over and wrap it. This will allow you to save paper.
  4. Use different paper for each family member
    • If you run out of labels, use a different colored wrapping paper for everyone’s gift. That way each member of the family has their own color.