ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – Two New Mexicans who are proud of where they came from are creating a space for adventurers and dreamers to experience the Land of Enchantment. Co-owners David Stroud and Arlene Espinoza Armijo call themselves magic makers.

The duo created New Nuevo, a company that creates experiences like community yoga and glamping and curated boxes featuring artisanal craft food and goods from New Mexico brands. “New Nuevo is a storytelling company at its core,” said Arlene Espinoza Armijo.

Like many, the pandemic altered their business model. “When we first started New Nuevo, our vision was to create and re-imagine experiences in Albuquerque,” said David Stroud.

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They wanted to bring more people to the Route 66 corridor with food and wine tours. “We were partnering with these local businesses to create these experiences of tours. Then with the pandemic we literally opened and then a month later we had to shut down,” said Stroud.

The pandemic and shutdown of non-essential businesses didn’t stop David and Arlene. Instead, they used their creativity to pivot their business model into something new.

During the pandemic, New Nuevo created at-home experiences with curated boxes and a brunch club. “We joke all the time, that we’re an adult Build-A-Bear because we give our customers a box and it’s up to them to be creative as they want and fill it with all the things that they want,” said Espinoza Armijo.

Stroud and Espinoza Armijo aim to support the dreams of others while also helping local up-and-coming businesses expose their product on a wider scale. “It’s a gentle balance of reciprocity within this community and recognition that when we are serving others we’re also able to serve the business and also the community in a greater way,” said Espinoza Armijo.

As the world shifts into a new normal, the duo hopes to add to what they have created so far. But no matter where their imagination takes them they are always thinking about their home, culture, and community. “It’s the way we were raised. We take care of one another, we look after one another and at the end of the day, it’s mi gente. It’s our people that we take care of,” said Espinoza Armijo.

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