NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – A New Mexico man’s country music career is taking off. Frank Ray, a former Las Cruces Police Officer, is celebrating the release of his first full album which celebrates his Latin roots.

A decade ago, Frank Gomez was serving as an officer for Las Cruces PD. He served 10 years as an officer.

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In 2017, Gomez made a terrifying decision to end his career in law enforcement to pursue his passion for music. Now known by his moniker, Frank Ray, he saw instant success.

In 2018 his first song “The Drive,” was ranked No. 4 on Texas Country Radio. Then, he was featured on USA Network’s show “Real Country,” where he competed for the title “Country Music’s Next Breakout Act.”

Frank Ray won his episode but didn’t win the finale. However, that didn’t slow him down. In 2023, the New Mexico native released his first full-length album. “You just kind of take that leap of faith, and fortunately people have been gravitating towards that,” said Frank Ray.

Like any country musician, Ray sings about heartbreak, life in a small town, and his love for a good party. But what sets his album apart from the rest is his Latin flare. Ray says highlighting his Hispanic heritage was a priority.

He was born in Columbus, New Mexico. But, Frank Ray says he moved around a lot as a kid.

He credits the time spent in Texas for his love of country music and his hometown of Columbus, which is situated right on the Mexico border for exposing him to his Latin culture. Without those experiences, he says he wouldn’t be where he is today.

Frank Ray plans to continue putting his customs and traditions on display.