NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Situated in a nondescript building off westbound I-40, one that was once home to baby strollers and cribs is home to Verus Research.

Verus Research was founded nearly a decade ago to develop a collaborative environment that provides innovation, technical research and development, and non-destructive solutions for our nation’s defense.  

The company features seven umbrellas of service:

  • Directed energy testing and evaluation
  • System engineering and development
  • Applied nuclear research
  • Applied electronics
  • Electronic warfare
  • Space and autonomy
  • Software development and applications

While admittedly heady stuff, the folks at Verus Research are finding new and potentially safer ways for their clients to implement a philosophy of replacing “bullets and bombs with radio frequency waves”, in an effort to reduce casualties and destruction of property.  Their research will also assist in the nation’s effort to sustain functionality in worst-case-scenario environments, which includes the cold reaches of space exploration. 

As chief operation officer Daniel Treibel says, New Mexico’s long history of technological discovery makes our state the perfect location for Verus’ mission

“We have more Ph.D per capita than any other state,” says Treibel.  “That’s largely due to a number of institutions like the National Labs, the Air Force Research Laboratory, and also our top-notch educational institutions”