NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Thanks to a local company, artificial intelligence (AI) technology is helping to fight against crime in Albuquerque. As part of KRQE’s original series, New Mexico Frontiers, Chad Brummett shows how this technology is being used in the metro area and where it will go from there.

Eric Strobert is the CEO of Perspective Components, a start-up that began in 2017. Perspective Components initially began as a smartphone developer; however, when many investors pulled support amid the COVID-19 pandemic, they pivoted away from camera technology.

In the fall of 2020, the company created its NoiseVu product – a revolutionary crime detection computer system that picks up on sounds emitted during crimes. The device contains a small microphone, along with software that has been trained using AI based on proprietary data.

The software can be taught to recognize sounds from crimes, like mufflers, breaking glass, gunshots, and more. From there, the software can adapt and be adjusted to be more accurate going forward.

The City of Albuquerque is one of the company’s many clients. The city has already deployed noise cameras in fleet management areas and parking structures; a resolution has been passed for a pilot program that would employ more cameras to combat noisy cars in the metro as well.

“Our technology is really well-suited to the American urban soundscape and we expect to have nationwide adoption within the next two to three years,” says CEO Eric Strobert. Strobert says the company feels like they are on the cutting edge of providing solutions that protect cities without breaking the bank. “And if we’re successful, that will mean, you know, tangible results to our community. And, you know, that’s priceless to me.”

The company is currently in negotiations with other cities across the country to install noise cameras. Their goal is to eventually take NoiseVu international.