People often say dogs are one of the best forms of home security, and one Albuquerque woman has believed her dogs saved her life early Sunday morning.

Duchess and Ellie are still just puppies, but Alexandra Windish considers them family. 

“They’re my girls. I love them more than anything, they’re my babies for sure,” said Windish. 

Early Sunday morning, they were more than family members in her home near Zuni and San Mateo. 

“I heard the back door rattle for them running out,” she said. 

At around 5 a.m. her dogs woke her up from a dead sleep, barking and growling.

“I looked outside and saw this shadowy figure trying to fight off the girls. It was definitely jumping on them. They were definitely attacking whoever it was,” said Windish.  

She said her dogs were charging at someone who shouldn’t have been in her yard. In a panic, she grabbed her two-year-old son.

“I was crying, I was freaking out, I grabbed the baby and I held him, I woke him up in the middle of the night just to hold him and freak out,” she said.  

The first call she made, she said, was to 242-COPS. She then went upstairs and locked herself in the bathroom, keeping her dogs, and son, close by. 

“The girls didn’t leave my side all night, they stayed at the top of the stairs snarling and growling at any noise,” she said. 

Still shaken when she left for work hours later, she said she saw an emergency scene across the street.

“There was a fire truck here and a bunch of cops,” she said in a Snapchat video she took and shared with us.  

Albuquerque Police could not confirm what happened at the home, but Windish said a young woman was found unconscious inside her apartment by her boyfriend, according to family members.

“He went around to the back. Aaw the back door had been kicked in. Went through the house. Saw that everything was broken into. Saw her face down covered in blood,” she said.  

Windish is worried whoever was in her yard, could be behind it.

“Without my dogs, that’s the only reason they got stopped. It turns out our best friends really did their job,” she said. 

APD said while there was a medical emergency call in that neighborhood Sunday, the details of what happened are not known. It is unclear if there’s any sort of investigation underway.