RIO RANCHO, N.M. (KRQE) – If you drove down the streets of the quiet Rio Rancho subdivision of Northern Meadows, you’d probably have no idea there was a big blockbuster shooting nearby.

The clues sit on the western edge of the neighborhood starting at King Meadows Park. The parking lot for the park has been taken over by crew member cars. Where King Boulevard turns into a dirt road is a simple sign with an arrow reading “Juarez”.

A couple miles down the dirt road you’ll find rows of trailers and an elaborate set with a toppled water tower.

It’s all for “Wolverine 3”, the latest sequel in the blockbuster franchise starring Hugh Jackman. The movie’s currently filming in New Mexico and Louisiana.

The New Mexico Film Office says it’s employing 130 New Mexico crew members.

“It’s great to have one of the tentpoles as they call it come in,” said Nick Maniatis with the film office. “It puts a little feather in your cap puts a lot of people to work.”

Most neighbors are excited as well.

“It’s a cool feeling,” said Jeremiah Calderon. “I hope they do more of it ’cause it brings a lot of money into the area.”

“We actually drove out there one night to check it out,” said Donna Atwell. “It was really cool some of the costumes you saw people in, the strange vehicles and that kind of thing.”

But not everyone’s been so excited.

Christopher Hurley lives and works out in the rural area where the set has been built. He says his startup Excalibur Research and Development has had its business disrupted because a part of the newly constructed set is blocking his wireless internet signal.

“We can’t contact a lot of the companies we’re working with,” Hurley said. “If you ever worked in engineering or did an engineering class in school, those files aren’t exactly small that we’re transferring.”

KRQE News 13 reached out via phone to Patrick Brazile, a locations manager for the shoot. Brazile said the production was working with the internet company to try and resolve the issue but hung up when asked if they would be paying any compensation to Hurley as a result of the disruption.

The movie is set to be released in 2017.