ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. (KRQE) – An Albuquerque dad is in trouble after he left his 2-month-old baby inside a hot car so he could make some money donating plasma.

Isaac Chacon

Albuquerque police released video Thursday of an officer arriving outside CLS Plasma Center on San Mateo near Zuni around 1:30 Wednesday afternoon after two women came across the crying baby and called 911.

A couple of the windows were down a crack and the two-month-old boy was unbuckled, overheated and foaming at the mouth.

They opened the doors to cool him off but didn’t want to take him out into the sun until paramedics were here.

It turns out dad wasn’t far away. Isaac Chacon was inside the plasma center donating but he quickly yanked out the IV and abandoned the $50 payout when he saw police and firefighters crowded around his SUV outside.

Police say he told them he was in and out. But a worker inside said Chacon came in almost an hour and a half earlier. Then he tried to say he had a friend watching the baby but the friend had to go to work a few minutes earlier.

Police didn’t buy his story and he was arrested for child abuse.

The baby was taken to UNM Hospital. He was hot with a temperature just under 102 degrees and dehydrated. His mom came and got him.

Police say that when Chacon was booked into MDC they found heroin on him.

According to police, the family does not have a history with CYFD.