NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Some families in Mora are standing their ground and staying after the Hermits Peak and Calf Canyon Fire continues to grow. Annamarie Trujillo was able to evacuate to Albuquerque with her children but some of her family stayed behind.

“I have my husband and his father that stayed back home because if they didn’t stay home, we would have lost our homes,” says Trujillo. “And because the fire did burn right through our area, it actually took one of our aunt’s house.”

Trujillo explains there are simply not enough people on the ground to stop the fire from destroying every structure. So people are taking it into their own hands. She also says there’s a huge need for housing to help those who are evacuating to have lost their homes.

A couple from Montezuma is also making the decision to stay and protect their home from the fire as resources are spread thin. “This isn’t just a home to us. This is…this is part of who we are and to be able to stay here and protect it – it means something,” says Jennifer Barreras. “So you know when it wasn’t even a decision we had to talk about, we just both looked at each and said ‘we’re going to stay.'”

Barreras says that since she is staying, she is helping keep her neighbors who have left informed on their homes as the fire continues to spread.

Others KRQE News 13 spoke with Monday are hoping that more state funds will be released to help communities that are being devastated by these fires.

Fire officials are warning that this will be a long-term event. They don’t anticipate having control over the blaze any time soon.