CARNUEL, N.M. (KRQE) – Small but mighty, the Sixty-Six Fire that broke out on June 16 burned just around 24 acres in Carnuel and managed to take down two family homes. “You see everything on TV and all these people but you just never expect it’s gonna be you,” said Nadine Garcia. Just three hours into her shift at Trombino’s, Garcia got a call she never expected.

“He said the house is on fire, everything is on fire,” said Garcia.

The Sixty-Six Fire had broken out right by her house in Carnuel burning it to the ground. “When I got there, we walked down there and saw that everything was just gone,” said Garcia.

To make matters worse, that road leads to a lot of family history. “It’s Herrara Drive and every house is family,” said Garcia. “It’s my family, we’ve lived there all my life. We’ve had that since the 1950s, it’s been passed on through generations.”

For decades, her family has lived on this road, building and growing and now, some of that history is lost. “Only two homes were burnt down through mine and my cousins’,” said Garcia.

An entire family line was unluckily hit by the 24-acre fire. “Me, my cousin Felicia next door, my cousin Nicole who lost her home, my uncle Gary – he had five tool sheds down there full of tools, forty years worth of tools that he’s lost, said Garcia.

Garcia said the whole community stepped up and is looking out for each other. “We’ve had so many donations from all over; from restaurants to my jobs, friends, family. It’s just been amazing how many people have helped us,” said Garcia.

With plans already to rebuild, all she can do now is wait and be grateful it wasn’t worse. “Just thankful that no one got hurt,” said Garcia.

On Sunday, June 26, the Carnuel Land Grant and Rock Canyon Taproom are hosting a fundraiser to raise money for the Carnuel 66 Fire victims. The event runs from noon to 8:00 p.m. at the Canyon De Carnue Land Grant Hall in Tijeras.