NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – With wildfires already showing up around the state, PNM is encouraging everyone to prepare for wildfire season. PNM works closely with first responders and land management agencies to prevent wildfires.

PNM is offering some tips for keeping everyone safe during wildfire season.

  • Keep dry leaves and debris away from outdoor lighting, outlets and power cords
  • Keep grass and weeds growing around power poles and under power lines trimmed
  • Clean up dried leaves and grasses that accumulate in your yard and clear gutter or other places that collect dried leaves and debris
  • Be careful not to plant new trees near power lines
  • Put together an emergency supply kit and have a plan in case of emergency or power outage
  • Ensure that family members in your home have contact information of a friend/relative
  • Sign up for emergency alert notifications through your county or other resource