NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Hundreds of New Mexicans were forced to flee their homes after powerful wind gusts caused fires to spread quickly, leaving families with little time to grab their things and run. While many waited to hear if their homes in northern New Mexico had burned, they asked how they could help other evacuees also fleeing the fire.

Sandye Dixon already evacuated once after the Hermits Peak Fire last week and says that she’s trying to help others in need. “This is the second time that we’ve been evacuated out of Pendaries in as many weeks. We’ve heard today that fires already hit Pendaries and we’ll probably lose our house by tonight. And so we’re just, uh, seeing who needs help. We’re in a good position ourselves and we have faith,” said Dixon.

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Dixon says Las Vegas is like one big family and that sentiment is shared by people like Jonathon Chavez, who is donating food and water in the hopes he can make some small difference here. “There’s a lot of people that got evacuated that have way less than we do. There is people who are losing their homes with no insurance. There are people who are losing homes that don’t have any place to go. Or anything to eat. And we are so blessed to have all those things,” said Chavez.