NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – Families in northern New Mexico had to grab what they could and run. Two fires are burning near Las Dispensas, the Hermit Peak Fire and Calf Canyon Fire. Because of the wildfires, it’s estimated around 240 homes are at risk.

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People filed in and out of an evacuation center in Las Vegas Friday, some grabbing what supplies they need after leaving most behind, others looking for a place to stay after there’s is no longer safe. “Depends on how fast they have to go we have one family– the son came out with no shoes. That’s how fast they had to get out. Basically no clothes. Except for what they had on their backs,” said evacuee David Thompson.

Many evacuees say they are most concerned for their elderly friends and family as the fires rage on and the wind picks up across the county. The shelter site manager said they are able to comfortably house around 450 people if necessary.

The wind began picking up speed Friday afternoon making firefighters’ jobs all the more difficult in containing the blazes. Evacuation orders are still in place in San Miguel County as gusts are reaching 55 to 65 miles per hour there.