LAS VEGAS, N.M. (KRQE) – As the Calf Canyon-Hermit’s Peak Fire continues to burn towards Las Vegas and Mora, community members are wondering what will be lost and looking for answers to issues they were already facing before the fire that are now worse. “Owning property is probably the biggest priority for most of us,” said real estate agent RaeDawn Price. “My parents are the fifth generation to live in their family homestead.”

Pride of land and culture is big in both Mora and Las Vegas but that land is currently under attack by the Calf Canyon-Hermit’s Peak fire, with no end in sight. “To see it burned and charred to a crisp is going to be really hard and shocking for most of us,” said Price.

While some community members flee, others stay behind to fight for their homes. For Price, she’s left wondering what comes next.

“The market has just driven the need up and the price up,” said Price. She says the fires are making the housing crisis even worse.

“We’ve never seen this few houses on the market in Las Vegas,” said Price.

There are 18 active listings in Las Vegas and six in Mora. Price says a good majority of those are directly in the burn zones of the fire.

“Probably in Mora County, you know 80% of those houses on the market are being affected,” said Price.

With no safe way of knowing the current status of those properties, all they can do is wait and see if those homes are still standing at the end of this.

“I can’t even imagine…I just don’t where to even start helping rebuild or how,” said Price. She prays they won’t have to rebuild.

“Even if they did want to rebuild the house from the ground up, materials are so high, it’s just such an impossible situation all around,” said Price.