GLORIETA, N.M. (KRQE) – As the Calf Canyon-Hermits Peak Fire continues, it’s not only community members who have been displaced but also the fire crews working long hours away from home for weeks on end, as well.

Kandie Kingery is the owner of ‘Bite Me Bakery’ in Glorieta. Since the fire began she’s seen an influx of customers coming straight from the fire line. “They do patronize some of the businesses around town too for breakfast but they’re not open until like eight,” said Kingery.

While they are fed at the camps and donations have come in from across the state, nothing beats a home cooked meal or a fresh sweet snack. So Kingery got to work, setting up a roadside stand for firefighters just in front of the barricades and sometimes handing off her goods to crews passing by, who bring them to the front lines. “Why am I making them buy food, I mean I will take these up there and donate these to the food camp,” said Kingery.

Boxes filled with bagels, donuts, cookies, even coffee and other savory treats. “I donated a hundred donuts and they loved them and yesterday I took a bunch of bagels. I’m just trying to get them more options and something they can get before six in the morning,” said Kingery.

At first it was all out of pocket for Kingery, so earlier this week she started accepting donations and created ‘Adopt a Hero’. Where the community can pay $15 for 2 food items, a drink and a snack for a firefighter. “I’ve gotten about $2,000 in donations over the last three days,” said Kingery. Which comes out to about 170 heroes so far.

It’s her way of showing support for the men and women out fighting the fire. “I appreciate that they are here to protect my home, my family, my animals, I have a little farm and everybody else,” said Kingery.

Kingery says she plans to keep ‘Adopt a Hero’ around past the fire as well.