LAS VEGAS, N.M. (KRQE) – As the Hermits Peak Calf Canyon Fire inches closer to the city of Las Vegas, many people are facing a difficult decision. That’s whether to stay and protect their homes or evacuate to safety.

Judy Noble and her family are choosing to stay and fight for their homes. They say that there is no other choice when it comes to something they worked so hard to build. “We have been watching the fire for a couple of weeks, watching and hoping in anticipation that it wouldn’t get into this area. As it started to get closer we started preparing,” said Noble.

For two days now they have been digging their own fire lines and getting rid of debris. Others are not taking that chance. “I think the entire time we have been waiting for this to happen for this to get this close, I think we’ve come to terms with the fact that everything that we have built here is gone,” said Beatrize Gallegos who evacuated.

Many people along NM 65 are also packing up and leaving as the flames inch closer and closer to Las Vegas.