NEW MEXICO (KRQE) – As the Calf Canyon-Hermits Peak Fire rages on, those being forced to leave their homes say they are desperately searching for a roof over their heads. One mom, who has been out of her home for a week is hoping her story will spur more help.

RaeDawn Price has lived in New Mexico her entire life, starting off in Mora, now she and her family live in Las Vegas. Both of her communities have been heavily impacted by the wildfires. When the fires first started she began collecting items and filling up her truck with supplies for evacuees staying at shelters. Price evacuated her home and is now staying at a hotel in Albuquerque.

Many evacuees with kids and pets have had a hard time finding places to stay. “Some of my friends and family have been evacuated from place to place so it’s really disstressful. Because you get them settled in one area, get them set up with supplies and everything and then they have to leave from there,” said Price.

Price said one of the hardest parts through all of this has been keeping track of all of her family members as they spread out through the state. Price says the community as a whole is trying to figure out long-term housing for people who have been displaced. Price is also concerned about her family history in the line of the fire. She and her husband are the third generation to own their furniture store in Las Vegas and her parents are the fifth generation to live in their family home in Mora.