In Placitas, wild horses roam free. For the last few years, a group called Placitas Wild has been caring for about 70 of them.

The preserve spans hundreds of acres on the San Felipe Pueblo. 

“We’ve just kept them up there, taken good care of them for almost four years now,” said Sandy Johnson. 

Sandy Johnson is one of the co-founders, along with Karen Tyler. Their goal has been to help protect the horses. 

“Sometimes they get on the street, and we lost a couple this year because they got on the road,” said Johnson. 

Now, their preserve is facing a big challenge. 

“The San Felipe Pueblo wants to reclaim that land,” she said.  

In just a week, they have to find places for all the horses to go. 

“What we hope to find is that maybe someone will say that we can do something for a while till we can put them at a place where we can train them and adopt them,” said Karen Tyler.  

People have offered to foster some of the horses until the group can find a permanent home, but they still need more help. In the meantime, they’re working with Sandoval County on a long-term solution. 

“It’s just not gonna happen in time for us to allow San Felipe to get their reclamation project done, so that’s why we’re looking around,” said Johnson. 

Their hope is to create a new horse sanctuary where they won’t have to relocate again. 

“You learn to love them and it hurts when you know they’re in danger in this whole situation right now,” said Tyler. 

Placitas Wild has until Feb. 19 to figure out what to do with all the horses. Johnson and Tyler are planning to ask the pueblo for an extension. 

If you or someone you know would like to help Placitas Wild, you can visit their Facebook or website for more information.