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KDAF (DALLAS) — A new “drink” called Release Energy has been making waves as it became the No. 1 bestseller on Amazon. That was before it was taken off the platform.

The bottles were actually filled with collected urine from Amazon drivers who had discarded urine on the side of the road, according to reports by Wired.

But don’t worry the bottles weren’t sold to actual Amazon customers, and it was actually part of a new documentary called “The Amazon Heist” which was created by British filmmaker Oobah Butler.

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Butler collected samples from the UK and parts of the United States. He reportedly labeled the “product” with the brand name “Release Energy”. Which was described as an energy drink without caffeine, as reported in Wired. The goal is to raise awareness of the labor workforce.

According to Wired reports, the product was bought by Butler’s friends and not actually genuine customers. Still, Amazon wasn’t very happy with hearing the news.

“Safety is a top priority for Amazon and we require all products offered in our store to comply with applicable laws and regulations,” Amazon told another source. “We have industry-leading tools to prevent genuinely unsafe products being listed and we monitor our stores for genuine product safety concerns. Any sellers who circumvent these policies will face action.”

Do you feel like this was a good way to raise awareness about the workforce? To watch the project, check it out here.