MINDENMINES, Mo. (KSNF) — Whether you’re an avid coin collector or just want to know if some of your spare change is worth more than its face value, there are many ways to discover the value and rarity of any coin.

Thanks to the progression of smartphone apps, there has never been a better time to up your coin-collecting game with technology. Apps can make just about every coin-collecting task easier, from updating your catalog to checking a coin’s certificate of verification.

“Coin-collecting apps can be very useful not only for collectors but for those who maybe have a small stash of potentially valuable coins at home. These apps are especially helpful in the early stages of determining a coin’s value. Most of these apps work quite well… but the main attractive feature many of them have in common is the capability to take photos of a particular coin, which then gives you identification results — and sometimes the approximate worth — all in a matter of seconds,” said Dave Sorrick, coin expert and collector at “In God We Trust, LLC.”

A lot of coin identification and collection apps available for iOS and Android devices offer users a quick and easy way to not only manage but research coins that could potentially reward you with an easy payday.

But which app can you trust to provide the most accurate information? To help find one that meets your needs, here are a few of the top apps available for coin collectors (or those curious about a particular coin or small group of coins).


This app is all about identifying coins by image. The “Coinoscope” mobile app makes coin identification simple. Just snap a picture of a coin with your phone and the app will show you a list of similar coins. By clicking on the coin, you’re able to see additional information in the web browser of your phone. Coinoscope uses artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically recognize coins. Coinoscope is free to download, but the “pro” version will cost you.


According to the app description, CoinSnap uses AI-driven image recognition technology to identify any coin within seconds. It’s the same way Coinoscope’s identification process works. The app is pretty straightforward. Simply take a picture of your coin, and the app matches the image to the information present in an extensive database to give a reference result.

You can also record and store your collection, so you never lose track of your collectibles and always know the value of the coins you have. The app is free to download, but like Coinoscope, you’ll have to pay for the “premium” version.

This “AI coin expert in your pocket” is ranked number two on the Apple App store, under the “reference” category, and has nearly 24,000 ratings with an overall score of 4.7 out of 5.

CoinFacts (PCGS mobile app)

Many coin collectors say the first place to start for any coin collector or enthusiast is with PCGS — offering a variety of different coin-collecting apps for both iOS and Android. PCGS claims they’re the industry standard for grading and valuing coins. One of their most popular is “CoinFacts.” The app is 100% free and provides accurate, up-to-date information on the pricing and value of different coins. PCGS has many different coin apps available for download, so even if CoinFacts isn’t the one you’re looking for, there are plenty of others by PCGS that you can still try.

Smartphone technology can be a wonderful thing, Sorrick said.

“Technological advances are important to us as a society. It makes life easier and knowledge often becomes more accessible. That’s the case with coin apps — they’ve made coin collecting and coin identification, simple.”

Sorrick says there’s one non-digital source that can give you information on any particular coin, with more accuracy and credibility than the best (or most expensive) apps on the market today.

“While apps act as a great tool, that’s exactly what they are: A tool — and one that will only take you so far. To determine the exact amount of any coin’s worth, I would suggest you talk to a coin collector or a coin dealer. When it comes to figuring out the value of collectible coins, a coin expert can examine them in detail, and can see things that smartphone cameras and apps simply can’t recognize,” Sorrick stated. “Again, these apps are a great starting point, but I suggest you take any coin in question to an expert or dealer.”

“Speaking to a reputable coin dealer or collector is very important, especially when you’re dealing with valuable items, like coins. Just because an app provides information, or even lists a specific dollar amount for a particular coin, doesn’t mean it’s all accurate or even true,” said Sorrick.