EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Ana Cardenas, of El Paso, Texas, can now move on after living her own real-life horror story. Cardenas woke up to blood dripping from her apartment ceiling last month. The blood was coming from her upstairs neighbor, who had died and whose body had started to decompose. “I’m much better, calmer. I eat better. I sleep better and just overall much better, thank God,” Cardenas said.

Now Cardenas has found a new apartment complex and is finally moved in and settled. When her story was first reported, Cardenas said she was in shock and traumatized, especially because she had been covered in the blood during the incident. “I’m much better, thank God. I went to the doctor, they took out blood and everything was negative, and they are checking me every six weeks,” Cardenas said of the blood tests she’s received.

She said she also saw a therapist to help her get past the trauma. Cardenas’s story was shared nationally with other media outlets, some even internationally. Her GoFundMe account exploded with donations and well wishes. “I only asked for $5,000, and I stopped it after it hit $17,000 because I don’t want people thinking I was taking advantage,” she said.

Cardenas needed to replace her bed and other furniture contaminated with blood. She said it was the outpouring of support that helped her get past the nightmare. “I have no words to say other than I know God will recognize each person for what they did for me, and I’m grateful,” Cardenas said.