(NEXSTAR) – A spectator at Friday’s matchup between the Sacramento Kings and the Houston Rockets streaked onto the court during the game’s third quarter, wearing only a skimpy, patriotic pair of briefs to keep from exposing any of his alley-oopsies.

(AP Photo/Michael Wyke)

The streaker, who also shimmied and danced for the crowd, was promptly tackled by security.

“That was pretty funny,” Sacramento’s Damian Jones said of the incident, according to the Associated Press. “It looked like it hurt, to be honest, being tackled by them dudes.”

The man was ultimately carried from the court by his arms and legs, footage shared to Twitter shows.

In other photos, the streaker appeared to have his name — Seabass Perez — written across his own back. Perez was identified as a professional bodyboarder from California by the Houston Chronicle.

On his Instagram page, Perez recently shared a video of himself stripping down to the same skimpy briefs at the checkout of a Ross Dress for Less before being told to leave by security.

The Rockets hosted the Kings in Houston on both Wednesday and Friday, with Sacramento coming out on top each night — 121-118 and 122-117, respectively.