(NEXSTAR) – Don’t worry. You aren’t ordering Whoppers in your sleep, despite what Burger King’s emails may lead you to believe.

An “internal processing error” is responsible for a bunch of blank receipts that were sent from an official Burger King email account on overnight into Tuesday morning, a representative for Burger King confirmed to Nexstar. It’s unclear how many of these receipts were sent, but The Verge had previously reported on “thousands” had received the emails in error.

“Thank you for ordering from Burger King!” reads a message included with the receipt. “Your order will be ready to be picked up at Burger King located at [blank].”

The order information listed within the emailed receipt was also completely blank.

Hundreds of recipients flocked to Twitter on Tuesday morning to share their confusion over the emails, with some expressing concern that they were the target of a scam.

“Burger King had me tripping in the wee hours of the morning — thinking someone had stole my credit card due to a receipt that I had received through my email,” one user wrote. “App deleted.”

“Did anyone get a blank Burger King receipt in their email?” another asked. “I’m just confused, I never eat there.”

Others, meanwhile, appeared convinced that Burger King sent the emails intentionally as part of a marketing tactic.

“Loving the free publicity #burgerking is getting from accidentally sending everyone a blank receipt. Very clever marketing,” wrote one skeptical Twitter user.

A representative for Burger King declined to comment on whether the emails were sent only to customers who signed up for the BK app, or perhaps a wider email database. It did not immediately appear as if any of the email recipients had been charged, or their information had been compromised.